Gorka Vazquez – Animation Film Director

From Script to Screen. A quick guide to some of my works. Welcome to my site.


Featured Nominations & Awards

THE WISH FISH. Best animated film nominee. Spanish Art & Film Academy Goya Awards. 2013.

EL SECRETO DE AMILA. Best animated film nominee. Platinum Prizes of Ibero-American Cinema. 2016.

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My Work

  • Feature Films

    I have worked in the production of feature films by directing or editing, trying to guide the team through the different parts of the process of bringing an idea to the screen. Read more

  • TV Shows

    Primarily as an editor and later as a VFX, editing and animatics supervisor, I have been part of the team in several companies where we produce series for TV and YouTube channels. Read more

  • Music Videos

    I have worked and directed music videos for some of the most well-known current Spanish artists. This format has allowed me to experiment and grow a lot in my career. Read more

  • Band Tour Videos

    A music band tour is usually accompanied by lights and visuals to offer an unforgettable experience to its audience. I have had the great fortune to open several of those tours with some of my videos. Read more

  • Explainer Videos

    These are short animated videos created to meet the needs of companies in promoting their product in a simple and direct way to their potential customers. Here’s a small sample to see different styles and themes. Read more

  • Cool Extra Content

    A small selection of additional content, such as movie posters, making-of videos, behind-the-scenes photos, press junkets, a surprise short film I made in college, and news coverage of my work and critics! Read more


“Saying that Gorka is a hard-worker would be an understatement. Whatever the project, whatever the deadline, whatever the changes in requirements or needs, Gorka always delivers extremely good video content, with extra work including animations and tweaks you would not have expected… read more”.

— Benjamin Grixti, Release Manager at FRVR.

“I had the pleasure of working with Gorka in two animated films (…) and I must say Gorka is one of the most talented people with whom I have met in my life. He has a great sense of rhythm, the frame and how to tell a story. It is also a charismatic leader, able to gain the respect of the entire team. read more”.

— Ivan Oneka, Art Director at Antler Interactive.

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